Dylan Sisson

Artist, Designer, and Doodler of Things

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Dylan Sisson is an artist living in San Francisco, who creates wall-eyed curiosities with big teeth.


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Inquiries of all kinds are always welcome, whether for artwork, for collaboration, or just to say hi.


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“Q:   What’s the difference between a pet and a monster?”

“A:   A pet licks you. A monster eats you.”


Other Projects


Idle Hands

Standing a full 10″ in height, Idle Hands is the first custom vinyl from Dylan Sisson’s misshapen bestiary. Features include articulated arms for “maximum idleness,” and three different colorways: orange, red, and grey. This limited edition is individually numbered and produced by Toy Toyko.



Yipe! 5

Yipe! 5 – Attack of Idle Hands is an epic RPG for the iPhone which will immerse you in a tongue-in-cheek dungeon crawler … featuring the artwork and writing of Dylan Sisson. There’s even a free version available for the iphone if you’re cheap … and rumor has it that Idle Hands appears in the game as a special guest.



The Bromides

The Bromides is a comic strip created by Dylan Sisson. The strip gets it namesake from a book published in 1906. In this book Gelett Burgess articulates his “Sulphitic Theory” as an attempt to probe the psychology of boredom. The Bromides can do nothing else but carry this noble tradition.