Great Opener

The Dragon Opener is an original sculpt and a fully functional bottle opener. Standing at 2.75 inches, it’s fabricated in steel, and manufactured per order. If you’re not opening your bottles with a dragon, there’s probably something wrong with you.

Dragon Bottle Opener by Dylan Sisson

Dragon Opener | Copyright 2017 Dylan Sisson

Solid State

The opener stand 2.75 inches tall. The Dragon Opener is manufactured using Shapeway’s state-of-the-art process which produces a final product which is 100% metal, so it is tough and durable, with several different finishes, from steel, to bronze, to matte black. This original design was modeled in VR using Oculus Medium.

Material Finishes for Bottle Opener

Material Finishes … Polished Black, Steel, and polished Bronze.


The solid metal the opener feels substantial in the hand, yet it is perfectly balanced, able to stand upright on its tiny little feet. Ready to open any bottles or serve as a functional art piece.

Dragon Bottle Opener by Dylan Sisson

CGI visualization Dragon Bottle Opener engraved with signature

Get Some Functional Art

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