Dylan Sisson is an painter, illustrator, and toy designer. His independent animated shorts have won several awards. Dylan currently resides in San Francisco where he draws and paints wall-eyed curiosities with big teeth, and works at Pixar Animation Studios as a day job.
Dylan says,

“My favorite subjects are those that mix contrasting themes, like a character that’s on the verge of being cute or being frightening at the same time. . . I like that tension. For example, what’s the difference between a pet and a monster?
A pet licks you. A monster eats you.”


“Best Computer Animated Short”
Ani.Mar Festival, 1999 — Palma Majorca, Spain
For the original independent short, Object Lesson.


Dylan Sisson has lectured on the topic of art and technology around the globe. Inquire below for scheduling.


Modern Relics, 2010 – San Francisco
Zeitgeist, 2004 – Seattle
RealNetworks HQ, 2003 – Seattle


March of Robots, 2017 @ #marchofrobots
March of Robots, 2016 @ #marchofrobots
Sketchbook Project Tour, 2015 – USA
111 Minna Gallery, 2014 – San Francisco
WWA Gallery, 2013 – Los Angeles
Incline Gallery, 2011 – San Francisco
Varnish Fine Art, 2011 – San Francisco
WWA Gallery, 2011 – Los Angeles
Toy Art Gallery, 2010 – Los Angeles
WWA Gallery, 2010 – Los Angeles
Varnish Fine Art, 2009 – San Francisco
Mickey Halo Show, 2009 – Hong Kong
POVevolving Gallery, 2009 – Los Angeles
Varnish Fine Art, 2008 – San Francisco
The Showroom NYC, 2008 – New York
Windup Gallery, 2008 – Mesa
Gallery 1988, 2007 – San Francisco
Varnish Fine Art, 2007 – San Francisco
Windup Gallery, 2007 – Mesa
Varnish Fine Art, 2006 – San Francisco
SIGGRAPH, 2004 – Los Angeles
Zeitgeist, 2003 – Seattle
Roq La Rue, 2003 – Seattle


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