Dylan Sisson is an painter, illustrator, and toy designer. His independent animated shorts have won several awards. Dylan currently resides in San Francisco where he draws and paints wall-eyed curiosities with big teeth, and works at Pixar Animation Studios as a day job.
Dylan says,

“My favorite subjects are those that mix contrasting themes, like a character that’s on the verge of being cute or being frightening at the same time. . . I like that tension. For example, what’s the difference between a pet and a monster?
A pet licks you. A monster eats you.”


“Best Computer Animated Short”
Ani.Mar Festival, 1999 — Palma Majorca, Spain
For the original independent short, Object Lesson.


Dylan Sisson has lectured on the topic of art and technology around the globe.


Modern Relics, 2010 – San Francisco
Zeitgeist, 2004 – Seattle
RealNetworks HQ, 2003 – Seattle


March of Robots, 2017 @ #marchofrobots
March of Robots, 2016 @ #marchofrobots
Sketchbook Project Tour, 2015 – USA
111 Minna Gallery, 2014 – San Francisco
WWA Gallery, 2013 – Los Angeles
Incline Gallery, 2011 – San Francisco
Varnish Fine Art, 2011 – San Francisco
WWA Gallery, 2011 – Los Angeles
Toy Art Gallery, 2010 – Los Angeles
WWA Gallery, 2010 – Los Angeles
Varnish Fine Art, 2009 – San Francisco
Mickey Halo Show, 2009 – Hong Kong
POVevolving Gallery, 2009 – Los Angeles
Varnish Fine Art, 2008 – San Francisco
The Showroom NYC, 2008 – New York
Windup Gallery, 2008 – Mesa
Gallery 1988, 2007 – San Francisco
Varnish Fine Art, 2007 – San Francisco
Windup Gallery, 2007 – Mesa
Varnish Fine Art, 2006 – San Francisco
SIGGRAPH, 2004 – Los Angeles
Zeitgeist, 2003 – Seattle
Roq La Rue, 2003 – Seattle


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